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Inside the Grow

The 8 Week Grow Experience - DROPS 2/14 Follow The Cannabis GOAT through an 8 week flower cycle at the Hempleton Research and Development Facility in Wilmington, NC. All Video Content Grow Experience. Use Code ImmaNewbie at checkout for 25% OFF this course or The Farmacist or Budtender Courses!

Reliable Cannabis Education Training

The Cannabis stigma and its prohibition created a large gap in education about the plant's benefits, as well as instilled a fear ALL Cannabis makes you high. These training programs are designed for the pioneers starting out in the industry, as well as the consumers buying the products and the medical professionals trying to understand it. We are Qualified Local Professionals.

  • Our Training programs are based on reliable sources, and we provide those sources in most cases for you as additional resources. Data not perspectives.

  • Cannabis is as old as time, however because of Prohibition, it is a brand new industry. "Marijuana and Hemp" are both Cannabis and now "legal".

  • Many retailers "smoke shops" or "vape shops" are selling cannabis products, but have no idea what those products are. An educated community becomes a stable industry which is good for the retailer and the consumer.

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The Value of Education

Time is Money. Education is Power. Invest in the Future of Cannabis.

  • Retail Staff - "Budtenders"

    The average bud tender who can guide a consumer to the gassiest product, the strain for the couch surfer, or what edible is the tastiest gets paid 30% less than the "farmacist" that can help patients understand what cannabinoids do what, how terpenes influence the entourage effect, or what medicines cannabis interferes with. The old days of "marijuana" are dead, the new Cannabis industry will involve over 300 cannabinoids as well as specific terpenes that can be combined into different ratios and produce specific results. Budtenders are pioneers in the forefront of the future of natural medicine. Cannabinoids and synthesized versions of them will be in even more pharmaceuticals in the near future.

  • Educated Consumers - "Cannabis Connoisseurs"

    Cannabis whether it is "Marijuana" or "Hemp" is based on the same Cannabis plant. There are not different plants. I know it is confusing but they are all cannabis plants. Both will get you high. If you become educated about Cannabis you will find that the % of THC in the product does not correlate to the product elevation potential. The higher the % does not mean the higher it will get you. Cannabis is unique to our own body chemistry. It is a natural formulation of cannabinoids and terpenes. These interact with each other differently as well as differently to each of us. When you find "your strain" you have essentially found a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes that your particular body's endocannabinoid system needs. The more educated you are the less money you will waste on trendy cannabis products or the wrong formulas for your body.

  • Medical Professionals

    Cannabis is as old as time, but we know nothing about it. It has been illegal to study the positive benefits of using cannabis for more than 80 years. It was not made legal for universities to study until 2014 and even today they are limited on access to only .3% THC or less in most states. The information is now flowing and the retail market is driving that frontier. The medical community has not caught up. It's time to become educated if you are in the healthcare profession to help people and not just treat people. These natural cannabinoids can not only replace pharmaceuticals your patient is struggling, or they may even be able to elevate the side effects of a pharmaceutical without adding another pharmaceutical to the pile. Cannabis is changing the way we view medicine and the faster it is embraced by you, the faster we can pioneer this industry in a healthy way.